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"We have over 75 varieties of perennials and the garden needs a lot of pruning and weeding. The crew is well trained and hard working. There is also a perennial specialist who checks on the garden and ensures that all the plants are treated correctly...RSL did a beautiful job on our rock retaining walls, paths, and benches around a fire pit. We get a lot of compliments on our garden, are completely satisfied with the work RSL does, and would highly recommend the company to others."

~ Homeowner

Do you install and maintain irrigation systems?
We install and maintain irrigation systems, and highly recommend them. A professionally-installed irrigation system will give you the ability to manage watering your garden with ease and flexibility, and provide for a healthy landscape. Properly installed irrigation systems are also the most efficient way to water your garden in an environmentally sound manner. They do not use water in a wasteful manner, as people often think. If they are installed properly and adjustments to the watering schedule are made with changes in weather and your garden’s needs, your irrigation system will be both effective and highly efficient.