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"Wade was recommended to us by a reputable local garden store. We were lucky to find him. His work on our backyard landscaping project was masterful. Wade took our design and implemented it perfectly, helping us cut costs where we could, yet installing high quality equipment which has subsequently helped save us time and money over the long run.

Wade kept in close communication with us, and he and his employees always showed up on time. They were very respectful of our space and tried not to be too invasive in our lifestyle over the course of the project...We could not be more pleased with the results."

~ L. Howard, 11/5/04

Do you build water features? Is a pond or water feature high maintenance?
We have constructed a wide variety of water features, from flowing streams using natural stone to cored stone columns to formal, handcrafted fountains. Water features can be designed to require very little maintenance. Newer products on the market do much of the work for you, requiring only periodic filter rinsing and keeping an eye on the water level in your feature. For some examples of our water features, please see Water in the Garden Elements section.