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“I am very happy with the project and enjoyed everyone at RSL. The stone is gorgeous and the plan in placing them was perfect. I am treating my new little plants like my babies and love watching them grow…I relied totally on the vision of RSL in creating my project and continue to appreciate the hard work that went into its completion.”

~ B. Johnson, 5/14/08

Do you offer consultations so we can discuss my specific yard and concerns?

In addition to providing maintenance and consultation services, we also offer garden coaching. This is a way to work with our clients to whatever extent they desire to learn how to care for their property. We can do this on a one-time basis or we can set up a plan to meet on a regular basis, such as quarterly, to help you learn what plants are in your garden, how to care for them year-round, and answer any questions you might have. Sometimes clients also ask for a plant list for specific areas of their yard.